Electronic Driver Logs

An ELD solution to help you meet new compliance regulations, that’s easy for drivers to get behind

What You Need To Know

The FMCSA recently released an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate requiring motor carriers to have elogs in their vehicles. Here’s what you need to know to be compliant:

Compliance is Mandatory

Most motor carriers are required by law to comply with the new ELD regulations. Find out if yours is

There's a Deadline

Motor carriers have until December 18, 2017 to be compliant.

Not All ELDs Created Equal

ELD solution providers need to meet strict requirements for their users to be in compliance with the new mandate

DSi Elogs meets these requirements and then some…

Driver Status Changes

It takes drivers a fraction of the time to record their daily hours electronically than it does on paper. Generate a fully compliant driver logbook with only a few one-button status changes a day

Flexibility With Forms

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) are available for drivers to submit electronically. Custom forms can also be created by fleet managers and made available for drivers to fill out.

Web Access

Driver’s logs can be viewed, edited and approved all from the DSi Mobile web application. On top of that, elog data can be viewed by fleet managers and dispatchers at any time to improve scheduling.

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How Implementation Works

Choose Driver's Device

Choose between using DSi Elogs on the app for Android or iOS.

Install ELD in Vehicle

Install the ELD in the vehicle and wirelessly connect it to the driver’s phone app.

Making Status Changes

Drivers submit forms and make status changes throughout the day like: On Duty, Driving, Off Duty.

Achieve Compliance

That’s it. DSi Elogs creates logs and stores them with form submissions for drivers and dispatchers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What devices is DSi Elogs available on?

DSi Elogs can be accessed through the DSi Mobile Manager app which can be downloaded via the Android Play Store and iOS App Store. The app works on most Android or iOS tablets and smartphones.

How much does DSi Elogs cost?

Our solution is FMCSA certified. We offer multiple options to help you select the solution that is best for your company. You can choose a complete solution that includes GPS asset tracking, or a “bring you own device” (BYOD) option.  Our mobile application is offered on iOS and Android.  Pricing starts at $19.50 per month if you supply the mobile device (BYOD).

Is it hard to switch from paper logbooks to electronic logs?

No, the process of switching to electronic logbooks is relatively easy and simple. The biggest challenge is driver acceptance and buy-in, but we’ve found that even the most skeptical of drivers have been able to adopt the new technology very quickly, and often find the process of using elogs to be more efficient than paper logs.

What are the requirements to be compliant with the ELD rule?

In order for you to be compliant with the new ELD rule, elog solution providers like us must meet strict requirements established by the FMCSA. If your eLog application does not meet these requirements you will NOT be in compliance with the new ELD mandate. Some of these requirements include:

  • Ability to connect to vehicle’s ECM
  • Ability to create detailed data file of log records
  • Ability to transfer encrypted data file to DOT
  • Account for unidentified miles driven

DSi Elogs meets all of these requirements.

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